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in gratitude (1)…for little cow boy boots.

…for the little one who insists that said cow boy boots still fit him even though they are pretty darn tight.

in gratitude (2)…for random cat naps, even when they do not coincide with my day.

…for a bit of a snowy travel adventure with my family.

in gratitude (3)…for these girls.

…for bold as brass.

in gratitude (4)…for haircuts from the best hair dresser in the whole wide world.

…for friendship that goes deep.

in gratitude (5)…for my mom who just turned 60 last week!

…for my family, and all the quirks and perfect imperfections that we all possess that makes us…us.

Four Advantages of Electric Dog Fencing for Your Homestead

This is a sponsored post published in partnership with www.dogfencediy.com.

If you’re an animal lover and a dog owner, their safety is your top priority. You do everything you can to protect them from danger, and this includes ensuring that they stay on your property. Your homestead, however, may not be a place you can allow them to run entirely free, either. You might have chickens you need to keep your dogs away from, or crops you don’t want them to trample on. For a homestead, electric dog fencing is an excellent option to keep your dogs safe but also contained to a specified area. Here are some of the ways electric fencing may be advantageous for your homestead.


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#1 Enclose Large Farms and Acreage

If your homestead is a large farm or ranch, an invisible fence is a practical option for enclosing it. Traditional fences are more difficult to install and maintain over lots of acreage, because they require more preparation of your land, and you won’t know if a section breaks unless you regularly inspect the entire fence. An electric fence system will notify you if any section of the wire is broken (although this rarely happens), so your dogs won’t be at risk. It’s also easier to customize the size and shape of your electric fence perimeter, because wire is more flexible than traditional fence sections. Over large areas, wire is a more economical choice, too.

#2 Enclose Your Chicken Coop

If you have chickens on your homestead, an electric fence is an excellent way to protect them from your own dogs. Your dogs may have the instinct to hunt your chickens, or they might simply want to chase your chickens to play. Either way, it’s important to keep them separated. An electric dog fence will stop your dogs from entering your chickens’ safe zone. A wired dog fence is very versatile because it can be formed to fit an area of any size or shape.

A wireless dog fence is also a great option for keeping your dogs’ and your flock separate. A wireless fence can create a circular perimeter around your coop and run. If you use electricity in your coop, the electric fence can use the same power source. You can also purchase solar panels for as low as $100 to power your fence. If you already have a traditional fence around your coop to keep your chickens inside, an electric fence will prevent your dogs from digging underneath, jumping over, or breaking through it to get to your chickens.

#3 Protect Your Gardens

Many dogs also love to dig in gardens and flower beds. If you grow a lot of crops on your homestead, you don’t want to risk losing them to a mischievous dog. An electronic dog fence can be placed around the perimeter of your garden or flower beds, and your dog won’t be able to get to them. An electric fence alone will not keep other animals out of your garden, but it’s enough protection if your main problem is a dog who likes to dig or eat plants. For small gardens, there are simple, inexpensive systems that are disguised as plants or rocks. Simply place the device inside your garden, put an e-collar on your dog, and a safe perimeter will be established.

#4 Save Money with DIY

If you’re like most homesteaders, you’d rather do-it-yourself whenever possible. A DIY electric dog fence will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. You can purchase an underground dog fence for as low as $300, and you can save around $1200 by installing it yourself. Traditional fences often cost $2000, and they’re also more prone to damage over the years because they’re exposed to the elements. Electric fences rarely require repairs over the years, so you’ll save money on maintenance, too. Most electric fences can be installed over the course of one weekend, and training your dog will take 15 minutes per day for two weeks.

Before you choose a DIY electric dog fence, be sure to do thorough research into the different types of systems that are available. Underground fences, wireless systems, and zone barriers are all types of containment methods that can work best in different situations. There are also e-collars that are designed specifically for small dogs, large dogs, or stubborn dogs. For lots of land, special systems are required, and some can enclose up to 100 acres at a time. With careful consideration, you’ll find the best electric dog fence for your pets and land.


Published in partnership with www.dogfencediy.com. We encourage you to share your experiences with a variety of dog containment systems in the comments section.

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