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Homeschooling has been a process for my family. One that we have been at for five years constructively, and 10 or more theoretically, all depending the way you want to look at it. Learning happens every day, all day long, whether we are aware of it or not. Learning also shifts and morphs depending on where each person is developmentally, very similarly to life in general.

Life is constantly changing. What we might need in one moment may look completely different in the next. The novelty in homeschooling that I have found, is that it can be adapted in any number of ways to conform to each person and family’s personal needs and lifestyle.

What works and makes sense to one family may not for another, just as what works and makes sense for one family may not work next week or next year. Homeschooling allows room for complete personalization and finding what works specifically for you in any given moment.

Lately, I have found myself questioning what I am doing as far as homeschooling goes and why. I have a feeling it is something that all mothers do at one point or another about any various topics in dealing with raising children, however, when it is yourself or family and a topic you are compassionate about, it can almost get suffocating at times. It can be challenging when you typically operate off the “beaten path” and feel misunderstood by “the norm”, which often places me in a tug of war stance, my heart going one way while my brain is pulled in the other. Four kids is a lot of work and effort, especially to have home all at once all the time. There have been many times when the thought of sending my children away on the bus everyday seemed very enticing, however, I know for us that is just not the answer. I love having my kids home with me and watching them blossom and learn in their own space and time.

Recently I have decided to allow myself to let go a tad bit and explore the possibilities that altering the way our homeschooling looks like may have to offer our family right now. We have two readers in the family. One who has made the leap to chapter books, and is ready for more focused “school work“. One who has just embarked on reading and is tackling these books at a steady pace. One who needs some sort of regular focused one on one time and lots and lots of crafting/creation time. And still one more who just is into everything, but will sit patiently and listen to story after story being read to him. In the past we have shyed away from using the computer for any bulk of time, however, I am finding that as my children get older it can be a very useful tool in moderation and for educational purposes. We have spent a bit of time recently watching some of these and these and learning a lot from them.

When I look back at portfolios or pictures and see all that I do do with my children, I wonder why I even question what I am doing. These things are concrete evidence that it’s all okay and shows just how much we get packed into our days just by existing. More often than not, in every aspect of life, I realize that the times I tend to overly question myself and my decisions, seems to happen right before a giant shift forward. For example, I worry if my daughter is reading at the “right” level, just as she decides to start checking out chapter books at the library and I watch her devour them by day. Go figure.

{All of these pictures are of a process we partook in with some homeschooling friends of ours. We will be studying indigenous cultures for a little while longer, and here we dipped our fingers into native cooking. We fully absorbed the extended process of making a corn bread, for lack of a better term, wrapped in corn husks. We spent the day outside grinding corn in a sanded out tree stump and cooking outside in a fire. Above is pictured the beautiful and tasty outcome.}

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