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  1. The more creative pumpkin uses from our excess this year turned into Pumpkin Enchiladas and Pumpkin curry soup – super yum! And I’ll have to admit to being a spinach-loving kid as well – not the opinion shared by most of pizza-loving grade school friends – but so delicious!

  2. It all looks so lovely. That was a ton of weeding in the strawberry beds, but it looks great!

  3. Everything looks so good Lisa and you are making great progress with the strawberries. Stay well.

  4. Like the stone border on your strawberry beds! I may have to borrow that idea. Thanks!

    • We dug a trench around the edge of the bed about 9 inches deep or so and dumped in lots of the rocks we were digging up from the main garden space. Loads and loads of buckets of rocks. It looks nice when there’s not a ton of weeds covering it up.


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